Is your church better served by our team than by a dedicated communications staff person? Yes, and we’re proving it.

Just ask our clients. Let us show you how our team can perform all the functions of modern church communications. 

Our cherished churches are experiencing unprecedented stress. Financial challenges, post-pandemic attendance problems, and the growing need to develop online ministries require a skill set few have. Resources are shrinking as the demands are increasing. It’s hard to fill a staff position with someone who is good at everything: writing, copy editing, content creation, layout, graphics, email strategy, social media… especially at a salary level our churches are typically prepared to pay.

And the solution is not to add those duties to those of existing staff or even volunteers. In communications work, all mistakes are made in public. Even the smallest of errors cause problems, especially for those who make them.

We know from experience how difficult, but how absolutely vital this work is, so we offer to your congregation a revolutionary approach to church communications: a hands-on team, working with customized intelligent tools and workflows, that will take your communications ministry to a level previously unattainable.

Who you’ll be working with: Rev. Steven D. Martin

As a pastor, filmmaker, and professional communicator, I bring a unique skill set to local churches. 

As the founder/director of The Lakelands Institute, I also manage a team that will bring a powerful communications function to your church that would be unobtainable otherwise. 

As a filmmaker, I have produced, written, and directed five documentary films broadcast by Public Television stations to millions of viewers. As a communicator, I have worked closely with national faith groups, including five years as the Director of Communications for the National Council of Churches. I have helped organizations tell stories that change hearts and minds. 

Please allow me the opportunity to present what I and my team can do for your church.

Joshua Kagi

Joshua is passionate about utilizing the power of media to foster empathy and inspire change. He has over two decades of digital media experience in journalism, political, start-up, religious, and non-profit settings.

He first cut his teeth on the copy desk of a daily paper with a circulation of around 100,000, where he implemented real-time reporting through the website and social media tools.

In the years since, Joshua has worked as a producer on two feature-length documentaries, as the founder of a digital marketing agency, as a campaign manager and communications director of political campaigns, and several years as a Digital Media Specialist with the American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

The Portal

Our portal is the gateway to your new communications ministry. You’ll have access to a powerful tool suite that will build your weekly emails, newsletters, and even bulletins. You, along with our experienced staff of specialists, will produce all of your weekly communications items with greater ease and accuracy than you ever imagined possible.

The Staff

We utilize a team of professional communicators to cover all the demands of a comprehensive communications ministry. We can manage everything, and if we can’t, we’ll find someone who can.  
A small church, you say? You don’t need that much help? We’ll deliver a program tailored to your needs at higher quality and a lower price.

The Tools

We have built a specialized set of tools that assist you with the daily tasks of communication. If you enjoy writing announcements for your newsletter, we perfect the style and grammar. If you find writing tedious and time-consuming, give us a couple of details and we’ll do it for you. Seriously. This alone is worth the price of the trip.

Church communication has radically transformed.

Not too long ago, a Communications Director managed a few tasks like creating newsletters, updating bulletin boards, and running ads in the newspaper. Today, the job encompasses live-streaming worship services and events, managing several social media platforms, creating online training and education resources, and building websites. Churches must be able to keep up with the changes taking place daily in order to remain relevant and connected to people in their communities.

At the same time that communications ministries have become more challenging and specialized, and unprecedented opportunities for outreach are available to those with vision, skills, and knowledge. Thanks to the widespread adoption of digital technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, worshippers can join any time during the week and from anywhere in the world. John Wesley’s (the founder of Methodism) statement, “The world is my parish,” is within reach of every church.